Your business has a unique personality – it’s what attracts people to it.

Logos are important, but while first impressions count, your brand is a complete identity that reflects your individual values and goals. Like a person, it should be able to evolve and grow in new and exciting ways, and that’s a process I love being part of, whether it’s being there at the very beginning of your business or helping to shape it for the future.

Design services include:

  • Brand consulting

  • Logo design

  • Business stationery

  • Website design via Squarespace

  • Promotional materials


Your website is a direct extension of your brand’s personality – for many, it will be their first point of contact with your business.

Using the Squarespace platform, I can produce anything from a simple site to a fully functional e-commerce web destination, strategic and creative sites that are user-friendly, easily maintained and responsive to a variety of screen sizes. By ensuring the imagery in your social media posts and advertisements is consistent with your website, I can also assist with boosting your brand awareness online.

Design services include:

  • Website design via Squarespace

  • Photoshoot art direction & management

  • Social media imagery

  • Adverts for social media



Once you have your unique brand, you still have to ‘get it out there’ where it can be seen.

Whether it’s designing catalogues, posters, press adverts or DL flyers, I enjoy the challenge of creating promotional material that extends your identity to other collateral while remaining unique and brand-consistent. Every project is an opportunity to achieve an edge over your competitors and to successfully market your brand.

Design services include:

  • Press advertisements

  • Catalogues

  • Direct mail

  • Posters

  • Billboards


While digital media is undeniably important, print still provides a tactile and essential means of communication for your business.

There’s nothing quite like having a tangible object to represent your vision, from a brochure or magazine to flick through, to that essential annual report. Print design is one of my specialties – covering editorial and layout design all the way up to large format books and reports, I will create a visual extension of your brand that’s engaging and functional.

Design services include:

  • Brochures

  • Editorial design (magazines)

  • Newsletters

  • Annual reports

  • Invitations


Joanne Tapodi Creative offers clients superior website design services, special benefits and website training using the Squarespace platform as a Squarespace Circle Member and Squarespace Authorised Trainer, a title that only a select few in Perth hold.